Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
addr_storageWrapper for ip an IP address storage
check_ifMonitored running state the network interfaces
check_sourceMonitored the forwarding rules in the Linux kernel table. If a source is unused for a long time it can be removed
clock_msgMessage used from module Timer. It is the contain of a reminder
config_msgMessage used from module Proxy to set and delete interfaces of the proxy instances
debug_msgMessage to collect debug information for the module Proxy
if_propPrepare and organized the interface properties to a map data structure
igmp_devRepresent the first raw in the Linux kernel table igmpX
igmp_groupRepresent the second raw in the Linux kernel table igmpX
igmp_receiverReceive IGMP messages
igmp_senderGenerates IGMP messages
intrusive_messageMessage container implements an intrusive pointer to save a pointer of a message with a reference counter
mc_socketWrapper for a multicast socket
mc_tablesParse ipv4 and ipv6 kernel tables to usable data structures
message_queue< T >Fixed sized synchronised job queue
mld_receiverReceive MLD messages
mld_senderGenerates MLD messages
mr_cacheRepresent a raw in the Linux kernel table ipX_mr_cache
mr_vifRepresent a raw in the Linux kernel table ipX_mr_vif
mroute_socketWrapper for a multicast socket with additional functions to manipulate Linux kernel tables
proxyInstanced the multicast proxy
proxy_instanceRepresent a multicast Proxy
proxy_msgGeneric message for the message_queue
receiverAbstract basic receiver class
receiver_msgMessage used from module Receiver to inform the module Proxy Instance of received a message
routingSet and delete virtual interfaces and forwarding rules in the Linux kernel
routing_msgMessage used from module Proxy Instance to introduce the module Routing
senderAbstract basic sender class
SNMP6_valueRepresent a raw in the Linux kernel table snmp6
src_stateData structure to save multicast sources/groups and there states
test_msgTest message to test the message queue and the intrusive pointer
timingOrganizes reminder
workerWraps the job queue to a basic worker like an simple actor pattern