proxy_instance Class Reference
[Proxy Instance]

Represent a multicast Proxy.

#include "proxy_instance.hpp"

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

bool init (int addr_family, int version, int upstream_index, int upstream_vif, int downstream_index, int downstram_vif, receiver *r)
 proxy_instance ()
 ~proxy_instance ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

proxy_instance::proxy_instance (  ) 

Set default values of the class members.

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

proxy_instance::~proxy_instance (  ) 

Release all resources.

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

Member Function Documentation

bool proxy_instance::init ( int  addr_family,
int  version,
int  upstream_index,
int  upstream_vif,
int  downstream_index,
int  downstram_vif,
receiver r 

initialise the proxy

addr_family AF_INET or AF_INET6
version used group membership version
upstream_index interface index of the upstream
upstream_vif virtual interface index of the upstream
downstream_index interface index of the downstream
downstram_vif virtual interface index of the downstream
receiver* pointer to the modul Receiver

References timing::getInstance(), routing::getInstance(), HC_LOG_ERROR, HC_LOG_TRACE, sender::init(), and check_source::init().