proxy Class Reference

Instanced the multicast proxy.

#include "proxy.hpp"

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Public Member Functions

void end ()
string get_state_table ()
bool init (int arg_count, char *args[])
 proxy ()
bool start ()
 ~proxy ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

proxy::proxy (  ) 

Set default values of the class members and add signal handlers for the signal SIGINT and SIGTERM.

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

proxy::~proxy (  ) 

Release all resources and restore reverse path flags if changed.

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

Member Function Documentation

string proxy::get_state_table (  ) 

Return readable state table information.

References HC_LOG_ERROR, and HC_LOG_TRACE.

Referenced by test_mcproxy().

bool proxy::init ( int  arg_count,
char *  args[] 

initialize the proxy

arg_count Number of passed parameter.
args Passed parameter

Usage: mcproxy [-h] [-f] [-d] [-s] [-v [-v]] [-c <configfile>]

-h Display this help screen. -f Reset the reverse path filter flag, to accept data from foreign Subnets. -d Run in debug mode. Output all log messages on thread[X] file. -s Print proxy status information. -v Be verbose. Give twice to see even more messages -c To specify the configuration file.

Return true on success.

References timing::getInstance(), routing::getInstance(), HC_LOG_ERROR, HC_LOG_TRACE, routing::init(), receiver::init(), timing::start(), worker::start(), and receiver::start().

Referenced by test_mcproxy().