clock_msg Struct Reference

Message used from module Timer. It is the contain of a reminder.

#include "message_format.hpp"

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Public Types

enum  clock_action { SEND_GQ_TO_ALL, SEND_GSQ, DEL_GROUP, SEND_GQ }

Public Member Functions

 clock_msg (clock_action type)
 clock_msg (clock_action type, int if_index, addr_storage g_addr)
 ~clock_msg ()

Public Attributes

addr_storage g_addr
int if_index
clock_action type

Member Enumeration Documentation

A module Timer can remind about this actions.


Send to all downstreams General Queries.


Send a Group Specific Query to an interface and to a group.


Delete a group from an interface.


not implementeted at the moment.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

clock_msg::clock_msg ( clock_action  type,
int  if_index,
addr_storage  g_addr 
) [inline]

Constructor used for the actions DEL_GROUP, SEND_GQ and SEND_GSQ.

type type of the clock action
if_index actionfor a specific interface index
g_addr action for a specific multicast group

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

clock_msg::clock_msg ( clock_action  type  )  [inline]

Constructor used for the action SEND_GQ_TO_ALL.

type type of the clock action
clock_msg::~clock_msg (  )  [inline]

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

Member Data Documentation

Action for a specific multicast group.

Action on a specific interface index.

Type of the clock message.