debug_msg Struct Reference

Message to collect debug information for the module Proxy.

#include "message_format.hpp"

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Public Types

enum  lod { LESS = 0, NORMAL = 1, MORE = 2, MORE_MORE = 3 }

Public Member Functions

void add_debug_msg (std::string debug_input)
bool all_done ()
 debug_msg (lod details, int counter, int timeout_msec)
std::string get_debug_msg ()
lod get_level_of_detail ()
void join_debug_msg ()
 ~debug_msg ()

Member Enumeration Documentation

Level of detail to collect debug informaiton.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

debug_msg::debug_msg ( lod  details,
int  counter,
int  timeout_msec 
) [inline]

Create a debug message.

details level of detail to collect debug information
counter how many proxy instances have to collect debug information
timeout_msec if a proxy instance dont response it will be ignored after a period of time

References HC_LOG_DEBUG, and HC_LOG_TRACE.

debug_msg::~debug_msg (  )  [inline]

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

Member Function Documentation

void debug_msg::add_debug_msg ( std::string  debug_input  )  [inline]

Add debug information as string.

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

bool debug_msg::all_done (  )  [inline]

Get true if all proxy instances response.

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

std::string debug_msg::get_debug_msg (  )  [inline]

Get all debug information.

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

Referenced by proxy::start().

lod debug_msg::get_level_of_detail (  )  [inline]

Get the level of detail.

void debug_msg::join_debug_msg (  )  [inline]

Wait until all proxy instances has response or the timeout expires.

Referenced by proxy::start().