mld_receiver Class Reference

Receive MLD messages.

#include "mld_receiver.hpp"

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Public Member Functions

bool init (int addr_family, int version, mroute_socket *mrt_sock)
 mld_receiver ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mld_receiver::mld_receiver (  ) 

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

Member Function Documentation

bool mld_receiver::init ( int  addr_family,
int  version,
mroute_socket mrt_sock 
) [virtual]

Initialize the receiver.

addr_family used IP version (AF_INET or AF_INET6)
version used group membership version
mrt_sock need the multicast routing socket with set mrt-flag
Return true on success.

Reimplemented from receiver.

References receiver::m_mrt_sock, mroute_socket::set_recv_icmpv6_msg(), and mroute_socket::set_recv_pkt_info().