routing Class Reference

Set and delete virtual interfaces and forwarding rules in the Linux kernel.

#include "routing.hpp"

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Public Member Functions

bool init (int addr_family, int version, mroute_socket *mrt_sock)

Static Public Member Functions

static routinggetInstance ()

Member Function Documentation

routing * routing::getInstance (  )  [static]

Get an instance of the Routing module (GOF singleton).

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

Referenced by proxy::end(), proxy_instance::init(), and proxy::init().

bool routing::init ( int  addr_family,
int  version,
mroute_socket mrt_sock 

initialize the Routing module.

addr_family AF_INET or AF_INET6
version used group membership version
Return true on success.

References HC_LOG_TRACE.

Referenced by proxy::init().